Janay’s Herbal

Janay’s Herbals is a line of all-natural skin & haircare products founded by John Deberry. When Deberry was 13, his father died from a heart attack and suddenly, more members of his family started passing before the age of 50 from similar causes. This motivated Deberry to find a solution to his family’s genetic disposition. Through extensive research, Deberry was introduced to naturally healing herbs like burdock root. Because of his family’s success with homeopathic remedies, Deberry has become dedicated to providing chemical-free products packed with vitamins and minerals to protect and rejuvenate skin and hair health from the inside out.

Business Needs:

John started his business in 2016 and has had a great deal of success selling to local barber shops and small stores.  John needed some help to move his brand into the digital age and started selling direct to consumers through his website and other online channels.

Business Successes:

Working closely with John, we have developed a new brand called Burdock Naturals that is custom built for an online target audience of men.  Specifically, John has an incredible shaving soap problem that solves a very specific need to help men cure razor burns and bumps.  Currently, there are few products that address this need specifically only and none that are all naturals.  We felt that targeting this niche would be a winning strategy.   We will be launching the brand in the fall of 2022. Stay tuned for success stories to come!

John Deberry - Janays Herbal

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