Meek Makings

Tamika is an extremely talented seamstress and teacher who has created a custom sewing and education business.  She offers sewing classes, alterations, & custom sewing and design services.

Business Needs:

Tamika is a born entrepreneur. She has started several businesses over the years including and event planning company, an online educational services endeavor and her current custom sewing business.   Tamika specifically needed help with focusing her business and increased revenue generation online and creating connnections in the community to expand her services.

Business Successes:

Working closely with Tamika, we have helped her narrow down her product offering and target her online marketing to local customers interested in sewing classes or needing custom design and seemstress work.  Through this focus we have helped increase tamika’s revenue by 40%.  Currently we are working with her on a new website and targeting sewing parties and events to grow her business further!

Tamika Heard - Meek Makings

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